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We take you through the whole ad management process from start to finish in a much more convenient way.

Are you an Ad Agency or an Advertiser?

We make it so easy to get your ad aired on our listed media houses

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How it works


Request to be setup

Fill the needed forms to request to be set up as a media station either radio, print etc. You will be set up within two business days.


Define ad package

Set your advertising rates, packages, shows or segments with their respective pricing.


Process Ad Request

Process Ad Request by approving content and date requested. Advetiser gets notified of the details.


Reports & Customer Relations

Generate sales report and directly communicate with your customers.


Ad Space Management

You get a dashboard to manage received, processed and pending ads as a media station and a dashboard to monitor paid ads and get reports as an advertiser or a an ad agency.

Payment Integration

Get paid as a media station for running ads for advertisers. As an advertiser, make payment seamlessly to the media station you want your ad to be played.

Sales Report and Analytics

Get all relevant analytics on your dashboard and make business decisions with data. See how many ads you have sent, how much you have spent, track progress and get all relevant info about your ad as an advertiser.

Customer Mangement

Manage your customers and get chat with them on their placed ads. Engage them via our inbuilt contact section for you the media station.